May is Mental Health Month

By looking at your overall health every day – both physically and mentally – you can go a long way in ensuring that you focus on your Fitness #4Mind4Body.

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Upcoming Events

Need Continuing Education Credits? Mark your calendar!

The 2018 Conference will feature presentations, workshops and emerging trends across mental health and substance use topics.

Stay tuned for details.

Online Screenings: Test Your Mental Health

Do you not “feel like yourself?” Are you going through some difficult life changes? Have you noticed shifts in your feelings, thoughts or behaviors? Take the mental health screening below to find out if you should seek additional support.

National MHA's screening tool currently hosts 9 screens: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, Alcohol and Substance use, a Youth and Parent screen, a Work Health Survey, and a Psychosis screen. Your score does not indicate that you have one of these diagnoses, simply that you may have some of the uncomfortable feelings associated with the disorders.

Once you have taken the screening and received your score, return to the MHA-SWPA website for additional resources.


Next steps following your screening:

If you or someone you know is in crisis now, seek help immediately.  Please refer to our HOW TO GET HELP page for local and regional resources or dial 911 for immediate assistance.

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Congratulations 2018 Innovations Award Winners! 

Pictured left to right are:Ellen Katter, MHA-SWPA Board Member, accepting award for Excela Health Volunteer Cuddler Program, Excela Westmoreland (Recovery); James Bendel, Community Volunteer and Director, Planned Giving Saint Vincent College (Lifetime Achievement); MHA-SWPA Executive Director Laurie Barnett Levine; Kenneth Bacha, Westmoreland County Coroner (Advocacy); and Jonathan Han, MD, UPMC St. Margaret, New Kensington Family Health Center (Education).

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One Mother's Story

From an All American Family to Heroin Addiction: An MHASWPA Employee Shares Her Story
I know all about the opioid epidemic that is hitting our region with a vengeance, not just professionally but personally. As a member of the MHASWPA team, I am using both my personal and professional knowledge to make a difference in the lives of people in our region suffering from this tragic epidemic.
Before embarking on a career in social work, I raised three sons in what could be described as a Norman Rockwell painting. Dad was an engineer and I was a stay at home mom. I baked bread and home schooled the elementary school boys who were altar boys at the local Catholic Church. It seemed like the perfect family.  CONTINUE READING

Our Year in Review

Our new name better reflects our regional presence, and other changes are afoot as well.  Recognizing that individuals with mental health disorders experience substance use at higher rates, MHASWPA cannot ignore the substance use and opioid epidemic hitting our communities.  In an effort to adapt to this need, MHASWPA has revised its mission to include substance use.  Revising the agency’s mission to include substance use is the first of many steps in becoming more responsive to the changing needs of the community and propelling us forward as we strive to develop programs in key areas of both mental health and substance use.

See our new Mission Statement as part of our YEAR IN REVIEW 2017.